7 Steps to Oblivion

Have you heard about the magic of the number seven?It is said that prices that end with a seven are more attractive than those that don’t. £197 sells more than £195.

It’s also why you see lots of blogs that are about “7 steps to success” or whatever outcome they are promoting. Apparently, they get more readers if there are seven steps, rather than 5 or 9, for example.

It’s complete illusion, of course. There aren’t 7 steps to a successful outcome. I’m not saying there isn’t anything to be learnt from these types of blog. It’s just that blindly following them won’t get you where they promise .

The promise of a ready-made solution for you to follow is very alluring but the fact is you can’t walk in someone else’s steps. You have to make your own tracks. What works for them isn’t necessarily what will work for you (it may even be disastrous for you). You have to take it in and assimilate it into your way of thinking. You have to adapt it to your view of the world, match it to your preferences and priorities. And you have to do the hard yards to make it work.

So, enjoy the blogs on 7 steps for what they are. Some ideas, some insights, food for thought. You know they can’t be true because there are only 3 steps to heaven. (Wah, Wah, Ooooooh!)

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