Learning from our Olympic heroes

Like most of the country, I have become obsessed with the Olympics and blown away by our athletes and their achievements. There are many stories of exceptional resilience, determination and overcoming of the odds but there are certain elements that they all have in common, and that we can learn from.

Clear Goals
Win Olympic Gold. Doesn’t get much clearer.

Hard work
They have to put in the hard yards. Their work rate puts the rest of us to shame.

They get up at all hours to train, eat carefully and give up lots of things we call fun.

Support team
Coaches, trainers, dieticians, psychologists, engineers, medics…and family and friends. They have a big team behind them.

Have you heard them being interviewed? Aren’t they just brilliant? So ordinary, just like you and I. And yet they achieve amazing things.

They have to want it with all their heart to get to the Olympics, let alone win through. The word passion is bandied around far too much but it properly applies to these guys.

Love what they do
These people are mad obsessives, right? They eat, drink and sleep what they do and they absolutely love it.

It’s not a complicated formula. These things are well within the reach of everyone of us – although the last two can be harder to find. And pulling them all together is not easy. Not by a long chalk.

Consider the ones where you admit you are falling short. What if you made an improvement in those areas? Even a small one?  (well, at least to start with). How much more would you achieve? How much better would you feel about yourself?

They’ve shown us the way, now it’s our turn. Let’s make the world a better place, do more, and be happier.

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