Oooooh! Shiny, shiny!!

Shiny shiny0001Product is important. It’s central to your business. But it’s not your business.

That App. That’s not your business.

That Website. That’s not your business.

That cool piece of kit. That’s not your business.

There’s a ton of other stuff you need around the product to have a business. One that has sales, customers, and some chance of making a profit.

The problem is that we all get distracted by the product. It’s the embodiment of our idea, it’s the actualisation of our vision and it’s, well, so cool! Mmmm, look at that nice interface. Oh, that design is so lovely I could eat it. And just look at how elegant this code is – you could take it to a ball at Buckingham Palace.

Ohhhh! Shiny, shiny !!

Whether you have a proper business or just a nice bauble, however, depends on putting all the other stuff in place. There’s loads more of it and it’s much less interesting. But it’s probably more important.

If you just want to play with the product, then find some people to do the other stuff for you. But don’t ignore because it’s not eye-catching and sexy. You can have the most fabulous diamond in the world but if you don’t put it in the proper mount, it will look cheap. And you might lose it altogether.

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