Why should we change our organisations?

smudge-chalk-girlsThere are many sound and compelling business reasons why we should be rehumanising our organisations, putting the people upfront and central to the whole enterprise.

When you give people a purpose to work, treat them as whole human beings and trust them with the freedom and autonomy to decide for themselves what to do, there are many, substantial business benefits.

  • Employee engagement goes up, often dramatically.
  • Productivity increases, as you benefit from people’s discretionary effort.
  • Costs go down as you can simplify your management processes and reduce your central functions.
  • Innovation and creativity not only rise but become natural, providing the organisation with agility to respond to its environment and new opportunities to grow and develop.
  • Companies that do this are much more profitable.

These are compelling reasons to change but they are not the most important one.

We should change our organisations because it’s the right thing to do. It is the right way to value, cherish and nurture our fellow human beings. It’s the right way to treat people and the planet.

We should put people before profit because that’s the way around it’s supposed to be.


Photo by Prawny

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