Magic at Work

If you have ever worked in a  great team then you know what the magic is. It’s that uplifting feeling when everything seems possible, everyone seems to be in their flow and it’s just easy. 

When the magic is there, it’s when the good stuff happens, when ideas flow, creativity sparks and everyone’s happy and laughing. There’s a real buzz in the air, you can almost touch it, taste it and feel it.

Yet too many people at work, this just seems  an impossible dream, an unattainable nirvana. That’s why over 90% of people are disengaged at work (according to the annual Gallup poll), which is a truly appalling situation.

When you have magic at work, it delivers all the things companies say they want – and need to survive, in today’s rapidly changing world. Creativity, innovation, adaptability, agility, resilience. It also delivers much better results, with profitability up to 200% above average.  It’s rather mystifying that companies aren’t looking for it a bit harder.

I believe that magic at work should be the norm, not the exception. People shouldn’t be hoping against hope for it, they should be demanding it and expecting it. Companies shouldn’t be looking for luck  to make it appear, they should be organising themselves and creating the right environments for it to occur.

Because the magic is already there. It’s in the people, it lives in the connections between them. It’s just needs the right conditions to encourage it to appear. It’s not hard to create the right environment if you set out with that intention. Only not enough companies are.

It takes leadership, of course, but not what often passes as leadership, not faux “You’re Fired!” behaviour or self-important posturing. It requires leadership from the heart, from the soul, a personal style of leadership that enrols and engages people and that can be practiced by everyone.

If you want to create some Magic at Work then I’d love to have a conversation with you. Book an exploratory call and let’s explore the possibilities together. It may surprise you. It could astound you. It might even be magic.

Now that’s got to be worth a go, hasn’t it?

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Image Copyright: etiamos / 123RF Stock Photo