Who is your brand champion?

The brand champion. You know, the one who makes sure we’re walking the walk. The one who’s always proud to say what we stand for, always telling the customer what we’re about. The one who lives our values, who’s every action embodies the brand. Whose every decision is informed by the brand. And every interaction, with customer, suppliers and co-workers, supports the brand.

It’s that guy in marketing, right? The one you get the logos from. Or is it the woman who runs Marketing? Or maybe Sales? Oh. Perhaps it’s the CEO?

Guess what? It’s you. Yes, you. In Customer Service. And Operations. And Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales,  Facilities Management.

It’s everyone. Every single person has the responsibility for the brand because every single thing your company does has an impact upon it. That can be positive or negative, and it’s up to you to make sure it’s good.

Brand is far too important to be left to one person.

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