Are you a Homerun Hoper?

“Draw Something” is the latest smartphone game sensation, with its creators, OMGpop, snapped up by Zynga for $183 million. It’s the hottest app of the year and now everyone’s trying to write the next ‘Draw Something’.

But should they?

This wasn’t the first app that OMGpop had written. It was their 36th. Now, some may say it’s a reward for their perseverance. I say they got lucky. They were lucky they didn’t run out of money. Or run out of time. Or run out of energy.

OK, they hit a home run and are now basking in the glory. I don’t begrudge them their success. But what if the ‘home run’ had been the 50th attempt? And they couldn’t last out that long? Would they now be darlings of the digerati? Or just another bunch of disillusioned programmers in boring day jobs?

If your strategy is to keep swinging until you hit a home run, I wish you luck.

You’ll need it.

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