Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

So, here we are, scouring the internet for the latest formula for success. Working into the wee small hours to finish that project and dragging ourselves up in the morning for that breakfast meeting. Cutting corners on our fitness, neglecting our personal relationships, dropping all the stuff we like doing so we can put everything into our job, career, business. Working like crazy to be successful. Why? Because when we’re successful, we’ll be happy, won’t we?

Guess what? Seems we’ve all got it completely the wrong way around. In his book “The Happiness Advantage”, Harvard lecturer Shawn Achor explains how his studies show that it is happiness that leads to success. Be happy, and success will come right along. In fact, striving incredibly hard to be a success is totally self-defeating, guaranteed to end in misery and failure.

You heard it here first. What are you doing still reading this? You should be messing around having fun somewhere or you’ll never get to the top.

If you really don’t believe me (and if you’re reading this bit, you don’t) find out from the man himself here

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