Clarity & communication are the keys

Getting things done is about running successful projects. The keys to this are clarity and communication.

Clarity about the vision, what the desired outcome is, what it is we’re trying to achieve.Clarity about who’s in the team, what their skills and responsibilities are. Clarity about what been agreed, who’s doing what, by when. Clarity about what’s been done – and what hasn’t. Clarity about what the dependencies are, what the critical path is, what the risks are. Clarity about where we are. Clarity about how we will know we’ve succeeded.

Communication is the lifeblood of any good project. It should flow between the team members like blood flows between the vital organs of the body, carrying the oxygen of information, ideas and encouragement. It has to extend outside the team as well. Upwards to the projects sponsors, out to the intended beneficiaries, and also to friends and supporters. Communication is everyone’s responsibility, and the should do it continuously. And with clarity, obviously.

Clarity and communication are the yin and yang of getting things done.

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