What’s the cost of getting it right?

We often try to make sure we get things right. We spend huge amount of time agonising over details, getting the OK from others, making sure it’s just so. In large organisations, this shows itself as detailed business plans and product specifications, complicated procedures and sign-offs, exhaustive management reports. And lots and lots of meetings.

But you don’t know if it’s right until you give it to the customer. No matter how much stuff you do beforehand, the moment is truth is still the moment of truth. They’re not interested in your blood, sweat and tears. They either love it or hate it. End of. (Or they don’t care, which is worse).

Why not get to that key moment as soon as possible? Stop worrying about getting it right and see if you can get it wrong as early as you can. Then change it and go again.

We hugely over-estimate the cost of getting it wrong. But we give barely a thought to all the time and effort we spend (trying) to get it right.

(Note: Making sure it’s right is not the same as making sure it’s correct. This is not an excuse to put out sloppy work.)

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