Here come the girls!

I recall from listening to Tom Peter’s excellent talk “Re-Imagine” that he speaks about the inexorable rise of women in business, particularly in start-ups. More than half the businesses started in the US are run by women, and the trend is increasing. Given the dynamics of the market, it won’t be long before the majority of businesses in the US are run by women. That’s a massive change from the male-dominated culture of the past. (I have just realised, I am SO in trouble with this blog title!).

The trend is similar here in the UK. So, how well suited are men to working in a female-led environment? How well equipped are they to succeed and thrive in a more female-oriented business world? Not very, I suggest.

He refers to some research into the attributes that are required our future leaders. Of the 36 attributes, men outscored women in exactly 1.

Of course, they key thing is how able men are to adapt their behaviour and mind-set to this new environment. And whether they are willing to try.

So, that’s OK then, isn’t it?

Hmmm. It’s not looking good, boys.