What’s the point?

I’ve had a few conversations recently about what it is that we really want in life.

Before you go ‘Woah! That’s a bit deep!”, it really wasn’t like that. We were discussing things we’d done in the past, things that had gone wrong, mistakes we had made. Often these things happen because we are chasing the wrong things; money, status, praise, glory. Mostly stuff to feed our ego.

We all spend far too much time and effort feeding that monster.

So the reflection was that all that stuff, that seemed REALLY important at the time, actually wasn’t important at all. It had made us do things that weren’t right or good for us, had made us act against our natural instincts and led to dissonance and unease. Mostly, it had made us unhappy.

Actually, what we really want in life is to be ourselves, to be comfortable with who we are and to be able to access our innate genius. That’s when we fully express ourselves and feel most alive and in flow. Not just happy but joyful.

You know this is true because you see it in others. When they are really in their zone and just radiating energy and vitality. That’s what life is really about.

In his book “The Happiness Advantage”, Shawn Achor points out that we are told that we need to be successful and then we will be happy but in fact the opposite is true. It is only when we are happy that we become successful.

When we are comfortable with ourselves, when we are contented in our lives, the other stuff tends to show up anyway.