Finding something to say everyday for month. How hard can that be?

Well, I failed. I’ve missed the past two days. So I need to get back on the wagon. It turns out it’s harder than one imagines. Whatever it is.

I did think of a few things I could have thrown up quickly and then I talked myself out of them. I felt I had a standard I had to keep up (yeah, I know, delusional…) and I should write something worth reading. So I didn’t get around to it and failed in my primary objective, which was to post every day.

Classic self-sabotage. And mind-reading because how can I know what is ‘worth reading’ in your opinion? Often it’s the throw-away remarks that land with other people, that they find some meaning and resonance in that we haven’t seen.

Seth Godin talks about ‘writer’s block’, a concept that didn’t exist a century ago. He says we never get talker’s block, so we should just write what we would say.

So I should be able to keep going for the rest of the month. I just need to get out of my own way.

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