Down to the wire

It’s gone 7pm and I haven’t posted on my blog today. I’m going down to the wire with this one, which is not that unusual for me. (I know I have another 4 and a bit hours of today but I am shutting down the laptop after this, so that makes it last minute).

Truth is, I’ve always been a little bit of a last There’s something about the deadline that gets the creative juices going, that enables me to pull everything into focus and produce what’s necessary. I have got better at doing things in advance and getting ahead of schedule but it’s not my natural modus operandi, it’s a learned behaviour. It’s useful when I’m running a project that has defined steps and a set order. When it’s a creative endeavour, though, I seem to need the pressure of the clock.

Of course, there are some that say I run on ‘Newlyn time’, which is loosely related to GMT/BST. Slightly in arrears of it, mostly. Then I go and turn up early and confuse everyone.

I do try to be on time and to get things done before I need to but I have to put effort into it because I know that’s not my natural rhythm, not the beat I am naturally on. Apparently, every cell in our body has it’s own clock and they are all synchronised to our circadian rhythms so that we operate in perfect harmony. So I might be late by your your clock but I am definitely ‘on time’ as far as my body is concerned!

And I always get there in the end !


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