How I work

My approach is the same whether I am working with individuals, teams or organisations. I bring the same mindset, energy and commitment.

Rather than insist on T’s and C’s, I insist on the D’s and T’s.

Dialogue and Discovery
based on
Trust and Transparency

This is a partnership. We are consenting adults. This is how we behave towards each other, and towards others.

We are working together because you want to change. That’s means going on a journey to an unknown destination. That’s why I won’t promise to deliver you to a particular situation or outcome. That would be dishonest and does not serve you best. I will promise to be your faithful travelling companion on that journey. I’ll be Sam to your Frodo and I’ll go with you right to the Crack of Doom.

The journey is, in fact, a quest. A quest to find YOUR answers. The quest can be hard and challenging and it is tempting to succumb to the easy option and give you some answers, whether mine or someone elses. I know this does not work, however, so I am not going to tell you what to do, what’s right or wrong, which way to go. You have to make your own choices and find your own path.

What I’m going to do is be with you as your sounding board, your main supporter, your critical friend; and I’m going to bring a whole back-up team full of ideas, tools and techniques, bandages and plasters, and everything else you need to complete your quest.

And along the way, I’m going to make sure we enjoy the scenery and celebrate the successes.

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