My values

I have continued to refine what my values are and I have got down to a core of three – Freedom, fairness and integrity. These are the ones that truly resonate with me and are my touchstones that guide me through uncertainty. They are drawn from a broader set, which is listed below.

Shared values are the fundamental to the best collaborations, high-performing teams and amazing businesses. They enable us to do our best work and to show up as out best selves. Why would be want anything less?

Freedom – of thought, independence

Fairness, helping others, tolerance

Integrity, trust, truth, openness, honesty, authenticity

Leadership , vision, clarity

Creativity, solving problems, innovation, intelligence, ease of use, elegance, resourcefulness

Intuition, purpose, meaning

Belonging, being part of something bigger, part of a team, community

Collaboration, co-operation, teamwork

Loyalty, commitment, perseverance

Respect, sensitivity, empathy, compassion, concern for others, kindness


Humour, fun, happiness, laughter, joy