The Be Collaboration Pirate Code

1. No Surprises

We are totally transparent and honest with each others and do not try to hide our mistakes or withhold information or opinions. We voice any concerns we have at the earliest opportunity. We ask every question on our mind, even the stupid ones – especially those, they are the most valuable.

2. Forgive Fast

We all make mistakes, something always goes wrong. We do not stay with the anger and frustration but forgive fast and commit ourselves to working on the solution. We don’t carry on playing the blame game or carrying resentment, we express our emotions and let them go (this may involve a lot of swearing).

3. No Ego

No one person is more important than the collective. We are all fully committed to the shared objectives and to do whatever is required of us. We do not bring our own agendas, we do not seek status above others, we do not get hung up on ourselves. 

4. Be Your Word

Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. If you are unable to guarantee you can meet a request, then say so and make a counter offer that you can deliver on. If during the course of carrying out something you realise circumstances are going to make you miss your commitment, say so immediately (see Rule 1. No Surprises)

5. Always Look To Do More

Underpromise and overdeliver. Always consider how you can help your fellow collaborators, either through direct assistance or by contributing to the environment to make it more effective for the team. Never be satisfied with just doing enough, you always have more to bring to the table.

6. Unlimited Imagination

There is nothing that is too silly, unrealistic, stupid or ridiculous. Let your imagination run riot. Work on removing your limiting beliefs and constraints on your thinking and help others remove theirs. Encourage each other to push the boundaries, to think the unimaginable.

7. Get A Parrot

Because you’re a Pirate, right?